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I am registered nurse who has spent over 15 years specialising in women’s health with extensive experience in fertility and menopause. For many years I worked within a large IVF clinic having the privilege of supporting couples during their treatment. Recently I decided to take the next step and began to work independently offering consultations, support, and education to fertility patients in their own homes using virtual consultations.

After finishing my nursing degree I always knew I wanted to specialise in women’s health and spent the first 3 years of my practice working in gynaecology, early pregnancy and a year working in Australia before I focused my practice in Fertility and Menopause. I love learning and I am trained in pelvic scanning and have completed several post graduate modules in fertility, gynaecology, counselling, and sexual health. I completed my MSc in Reproductive medicine which specifically focused on fertility and menopause.

I then had an epiphany if I managed to finish an MSc I could do a PhD right?  In 2021 

I made the big decision to start a part time self funded PhD with the Centre for Reproductive Research at De Montford University, Leicester.  Still a work in progress with a long way to go, my PhD is looking at women's lived experience of a premature menopause.  


I also love to run, although one of the slower runners of the group, it’s a great motivation to eat cake after a race! My other passion is walking with my husband and 4 dogs along the seafront near to our house.

"Thank you so much for the wonderful advice and support. A lot of our interactions with doctors and specialists have been so negative and it was just such a breath of fresh air speaking to you."

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"It was lovely speaking to you today, thanks for taking the time to think about our case and offering advice"

I have also experienced life on the other side as a fertility patient, with my husband and I having 3 cycles of IVF, with the final cycle using egg donation, this cycle did result in a pregnancy, sadly a few weeks later this ended in a miscarriage. Due to a rare complex reproductive condition further treatment was not possible. I know from personal experience how lonely, isolating, and heart-breaking the journey can be and made it my mission to educate and support you on your reproductive journey using my knowledge and experience.

In April 2020 I took part in a programme for The Fertility Podcast where I talked about my own experiences with Progesterone Hypersensitivity, the impact it had on my physical and emotional health and how I was able to move forward. 

You can listen here and find lots of other useful resource on their website

You can also read more about progesterone sensitivity and my story on the Walk in our Shoes website here

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