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Fertility treatment can be an emotional rollercoaster and getting the right support from someone who can relate to what you are going through can make all the difference.  I’m here to support you, explain what’s happening and help you optimise your fertility.


Through a combination of knowledge, experience and expertise I can provide a bespoke, personal and individualised support whilst navigating infertility to help you remain positive, reducing anxiety and stress.  Don’t feel isolated or alone, take that first step, take all the support you can. 

Image by Crew

"Kate was very kind, commending and informative. She talked through our history, our lifestyle and the little things that might improve our chances in getting pregnant such as diet and supplements. She answered all our questions and had time for us, I felt so much more informed and upbeat."

"Having someone to take the time to speak to me review my history and look at my charts with such knowledge was very reassuring."

"Kate was fantastic and very thorough. She encouraged the fact that I had done a lot of research rather than make me feel silly like some consultants can. She added gently humour to a stressful time and it felt like she genuinely cared and was rooting for us."


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